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Residential Services

The safest place for anyone is usually home, so it needs to be secure in order to protect your family and your important belongings. As a result of damaged locks or lost house or building keys, your security and safety are compromised. In other words, you need a professional and trustworthy locksmith technician.

Colorado Dependable Locksmith is a 24-hour, 7 days a week Locksmith in the Colorado that provides professional services for your family’s safety by using high-quality locks, including all doors, safes, mailboxes, garages, gates, windows, and more!

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced technicians, and each of our residential locksmith service providers is licensed and insured. We make use of groundbreaking technology to ensure we provide the best solutions possible

We can handle all kinds of locks, including manual and digital locks, and provide installation and replacement services for all makes and models of locks. In short, we offer clients a perfect combination of professional services, easy affordability, and desired results.

House Lockout

A House lockout or home lockout can happen in an instant. It is natural to panic whenever you find yourself locked out of your house, but your best bet is to call our experienced house lockout locksmiths to ensure you are never stuck in that situation for long. Many homeowners who don’t contact professional house lockout services in Colorado end up causing more damage to the locks, windows, or themselves. We’re professionals, and we can promptly help you regain access to your home without causing damage.

Locks Change/Repair

Do your locks work properly? Do you have a broken lock that is causing security issues in your home, business, or vehicle? When a lock breaks, it can cause the door not to close properly or be unable to be locked, which in turn causes your property to be vulnerable to invasion. A lock in proper working order will be able to lock and unlock with ease without causing any problems. If your lock seems stuck, loose, or is otherwise not working in a good manner, it may need to be replaced.  Our services available 24/7 to make sure your property is safe and secure.

Duplicate Keys

For key cutting and key copying in Colorado, Colorado Dependable Locksmith is your resource for fast, accurate service.

We can make duplicate keys for virtually every house, apartment business or vehicle in less than two minutes—and at the most competitive price. We also offer volume discounts, so if you need duplicate keys for an entire apartment complex or office building, give us a call.

 Master key

A master key system is a uniquely designed security measure which allows one single type of key to open multiple locks. The system is available after you book it. The aim of master key system is to reduce the key-count for officers and employers that have a duty to supervise multiple rooms. Instead of carrying a bunch of multiple dozens of keys, a single key can be used to enter all the lock that came with it.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

Keyless Entry is quickly become the most popular method of access into Commercial buildings and residential buildings.

Exceeding the use of traditional locks, Keyless Entry eliminates the need for those keys you are always losing. While stopping potential intruders who have mastered how to pick conventional locks.

Keyless Entry gives you complete control of your businesses access, entry, and entire operation.

Utilizing the latest in security technology,Colorado Dependable Locksmith provides you with a variety of Keyless Entry services for you to choose from.

Whether you need commercial or residential keyless, we have a solution for you.  Call us for a free quote today! 

Rekey Locks

Whether you’ve lost the keys to your office, need to change locks between tenants, or have to rekey locks on all locks in your home to keep you and your family safe, call the pros at Colorado Dependable Locksmith. We have the specialized tools and experience it takes to change lock pins, mailbox locks, door locks, and built-in locks on cabinets, saving you the hassle and expense that comes with buying and installing brand new locks.

Colorado Dependable Locksmith is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Pick-Proof Cylinder Locks

Pick-resistant locks have an extra set of tumblers or locking apparatus so that, in effect, the key has to do two things at once. Because of their resistance to manipulation, these locks are also resistant to key bumping.

One of the most popular pick-resistant locks is the Medeco. The pin tumblers in this lock must not only be raised to a certain level, they must be turned right or left or not turned at all in order to allow the key to turn. An effective set of bump keys would need to have several thousand variations of angles in order to turn the pins properly so that they could be bumped.

Mul-T-Lock cylinders use a pin-within-a-pin principal. Since the keys are drilled to precise depths to operate the pin tumblers, bump keys would be exceedingly difficult to make.

Another popular pick-resistant lock is the Schlage Primus. This lock uses a second set of pins so that the key must do the job of two keys. This system is not quite as secure as the Medeco since the keys are similar within a geographical area. If a key bumper were to get the blank, they could conceivably make a bump key that would work.

Garage Door Lockout

Locked out of your garage and left with no way to get in or out? There is a wide range of scenarios that may cause the garage lockout, including lost key, faulty lock, or a broken key inside the lock. Whatever the reason may be, garage lockout may not only ruin your day but could also put your security in jeopardy. Attempting to deal with the situation on your own can not only worsen the problem but also cause damage to the door.

The perfect solution is to call in expert locksmiths to take over the situation. We at Colorado Dependable Locksmith take great pride in having equipment, expertise, and skilled professionals to handle any kind of garage door lockout situation. Our technicians are well-trained to handle all types of garage door locks, including but not limited to standard locks, T-handle locks, electronically operated locks, side-mount deadbolt locks, and key less digital locks.

No matter how complex the situation is, they will thoroughly evaluate it and come up with the most cost-effective and appropriate solution. In most cases, they are able to regain access to your garage without causing any damage to the lock, and any level of destruction on the hardware is the last-resort for them.

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