Are you worried about your residential or business security? Keeping the locks in good condition is vital. There are instances when the residential or business locks are compromised. It may happen due to various reasons such as lost keys or shared keys. What will you do if you aren’t sure about the integrity of residential or business locks and keys? You need to replace the lock hardware. But we offer inexpensive options to make your locks function like new. We offer lock rekeying which seems to be a cost-effective and efficient solution to make your locks secure. We can also change the necessary hardware to make it function well. We can do it without entire new lock installations.

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Let us find out how lock rekeying works and when it can be an efficient solution to improve security.

What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying is the process of altering the internal components of a lock to make old keys incompatible and have a different key. Instead of replacing the entire lock hardware, our denver experts locksmith modify the lock’s pins and tumblers. We have the skill to do it correctly to match a new key. At the same time, we make old keys ineffective. With lock rekeying, you get to retain the same lock while changing the key. We assure you it will provide improved security without complete lock replacement. If you need your locks rekeyed at your home or business, our lock change team provides you with reliable and affordable locksmith services at your location anywhere in the Denver area.

How Does Lock Rekeying Work?

An expert locksmith in Denver can open a lock and rekey it. Here’s a brief overview of the lock rekeying process:

Assessment: We will check the lock to determine if it can be rekeyed. We know most traditional pin and tumbler locks can be rekeyed.

Disassembly: We disassemble the lock, removing the cylinder.

Pin Replacement: The existing pins inside the lock cylinder are replaced with a new set. It will match best to the new key’s pattern.

Reassembly: We reassemble the lock cylinder after replacing the pins. We will reinstall it in the door as well.

Key Testing: We test the new lock with the new key. We check it to ensure smooth operation and proper functioning.

Why is Lock Rekeying an Effective Solution?

Lock rekeying is an effective and affordable alternative to the replacement of locks. If the locks are in good shape, expert lock change & rekeying can make them like a new one. Here are a few scenarios when lock change & rekeying is effective.

Change of Occupancy: Are you buying a new house in Denver Colorado? You must get your house rekeyed. It will improve your property’s security and integrity. Lock rekeying or key change is highly recommended when you have new tenants moving into your rental property. It makes sure that only the people who are allowed can enter the premises. It will give you a higher level of security and peace of mind.

Change in Employment: Do you have a business where employees get access to keys if leaving for any reason, the integrity of locks becomes questionable with possible copies of keys. Ex-employee is a risk to your business operation. Rekeying your locks in a commercial setting becomes essential.

Lost or Stolen Keys: What happens if you lose your keys or are stolen? Lock replacement or rekeying is the solution for you. We offer it to prevent unauthorized access to your property.

Enhanced Security: Lock change & key replacement can be used to add high-security features to your existing locks. This process enhances security without complete lock replacements.

Master Key Systems: We provide a master key system. Our lock change & rekeying team implements it no matter the size of your nosiness. We do the master key that grants access to multiple areas while providing individual keys for specific locations. We ensure convenient access and tailored security levels you deserve.


Benefits of Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeying offers several advantages. Some of them are:

Budget-Friendly: Rekeying proves to be a cost-effective alternative to replacing locks in your property. By rekeying, you avoid the expense of purchasing new hardware. We offer the most inexpensive option for your locks & key replacement needs.

Quick Solution: Our lock rekeying & lock change service in Denver offers a quicker solution for your needs. We can complete the job in a shorter period. For us, it takes around 30 minutes to rekey a lock. We can rekey the entire property within a few hours. We do our best to enhance the security of your property. We do it without significant disruptions to your daily routine.

Maintain Existing Hardware: One of the main benefits of hiring our lock change & rekeying is that we allow you to maintain your current locks. It is advantageous if you have high-quality or visually appealing locks that you wish to retain. We can upgrade your security while preserving the aesthetic appeal and existing lock functionality!