Door locks serve as the primary defense against criminals and trespassers. Among all the potential entry points, the front door is the most targeted by burglars. Therefore, it is crucial to use effective locks to ensure the security of your doors. However, how can you determine when it is necessary to replace the locks? Here are a few scenarios that may indicate the need for a lock change.

Damaged locks: If your locks are broken or damaged, they will not be able to provide adequate protection for your home. Intruders can easily manipulate compromised locks, and they may not even function correctly to secure your property.

Old locks: It is important to keep track of when you last changed your locks to prevent them from becoming damaged in the future. Over time, locks can become worn out or outdated, making them more susceptible to being bypassed by criminals. By being aware of these situations, you can take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your home. So change your old locks. Purchase high-quality security installed by a professional to help your locks work their best.

Outdated locks: Does the appearance of your locks is outdated? You may consider upgrading them to align with the aesthetic of your home. Feel at liberty to engage the services of a locksmith to update the doorknobs and locks. We align with your envisioned new decor. The new style we add to your home will come with the added functions and extra security.

Moving Into a New Home: It is advisable to replace the door locks upon relocating to a new residence, regardless of whether the property is newly built. The previous individuals who had access to the house and the possibility of them having a spare key remain unknown.

Someone Moves Out: It is crucial to prioritize changing the door locks after someone vacates, particularly if the circumstances of their departure are not amicable. Whether it is a former roommate or ex-spouse, it is always wiser to prioritize safety rather than regret, even if you believe they may not seek revenge.

After a Break-In: After experiencing a break-in, it is crucial to carefully assess the state of your door and consider replacing the locks. A compromised lock is more vulnerable to subsequent break-ins. This incident also presents an opportune moment to enhance the overall security of your residence. Opting for a professionally monitored home security system has been proven effective in minimizing the likelihood of future break-ins.

After Losing Your Keys: If you happen to misplace or have your keys taken from you, it is impossible to determine whose possession they may fall into. It is wiser to prioritize caution and opt for replacing the door locks, rather than risk becoming a target of burglary.

It’s Been A While: Locks can suffer from damage or deterioration due to wear and tear. When locks become worn, they become more vulnerable to break-ins. Therefore, if a considerable amount of time has passed, it is advisable to replace those locks instead of allowing an opportunist to exploit an easily accessible target.

Having a house sitter: In the case of having a house sitter, it can be beneficial to rely on friends, family, or neighbors when you are away for work or vacation. However, unless you have complete trust in your house sitter, it may be prudent to contemplate changing the locks in Denver. While changing them every time you go away may be a bit drastic, definitely change house locks if your house sitter doesn’t return your key or return a copy.

Numerous factors may necessitate the alteration of the locks on your residence. If any of the above reasons to change locks apply to you, and you’re in Denver or nearby Colorado, contact us right away. Our reliable and efficient lock change in Denver will help you secure your home and business.